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buy sockeye silver salmon
buy sockeye silver salmon
buy sockeye silver salmon


Alaskan Standard Salmon

    Starting with the fish; Cook Inlet produces the some of the largest and brightest salmon in the world. 


fish are harvested in small batches which enables our fishermen to handle these fish with care that goes above and beyond. At the time the fish are pulled aboard, they are immediately pressure bled, dressed, then rapidly cooled to near freezing temperatures in slurry ice.


     By dressing and cooling the fish immediately upon harvest, chance of belly burn, bruising, or gaping is virtually eliminated. This process produces the highest quality, and most stable salmon on the market.


    Our fishermen apply this same process to all the salmon that return to the cold waters of Cook Inlet. The result is unrivaled in its firm meat, delicate flavor, and texture, which is why this product has become a favorite on our own dinner tables. If you are looking for the highest quality wild, sustainable salmon don't settle for anything less than ALASKAN  STANDARD SALMON.

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