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Buy wild jumbo colossal alaska
Buy wild jumbo colossal alaska salmo
Buy wild jumbo colossal alaska salmo
Spot Shrimp Prawn on Ice fresh FAS
two colossal jumbo spot shrimp prawn
wild alaskan spot prawn tails on ice
jumbo colossal live spot prawn srimp
    Alaskan Standard spot prawns from Prince William Sound are sustainably harvested in small batches with lightweight pots and minimal environmental impact. They have a sweet taste and are one of the few  remaining sources of sustainable wild harvest prawns left. We supply markets with these products:
      1.   Live prawns delivered to the anchorage area and beyond .
     2.  Fresh or frozen tails live dressed immediately before delivery.
     3.  Individual packages of jumbo and colossal size spot prawns for restaurant and wholesale markets.
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